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Why Go Offshore?

People and companies use offshore trusts, corporations and limited liability companies for varied reasons. Among those reasons are:

* Financial Privacy
* Legal Income, Capital Gain, Estate and Gift Tax Reduction
* Tax Reduction
* Asset Protection
* Protection From Inflation
* Asset and Currency Diversification
* Immunity to Domestic Law
* Higher Returns on Investment
* Estate Planning
* More Favorable Foreign Laws

Why Use Nevis?

Nevis has established a mix of new and modern international laws that, coupled with its extremely stable government and modern infrastructure, make it the premier offshore center in the World. The Nevis government continues to be very proactive in its development as an offshore center, allowing us to offer our clients a premier offshore base of operations:

* Highly experienced and knowledeable international trust company such as Nevis Int'l Trust Co., Ltd
* An independent and stable government
* Modern telecommunications infrastructure
* Statutes that guarantee confidentiality
* Modern and progressive trust and company laws
* Statutes that provide tax exemption
* No tax information treaties with the United States
* One of the 10 most free countries in the world

Nevis is an excellent location for:

* Privacy
* Estate Planning
* Asset Protection
* Tax Reduction Planning
* Holding Investments
* Royalty and Licensing Ownership
 Why Go Offshore? - About the Company - Nevis Info - Contact Us
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